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So damn love this drama, nostalgic, simple, not to short but not to long duration, everthing feels right. Not boring even untill last episode. Sung Shi Won crying for simple reason like her father rip her poster, her mother washing Tony’s opaa t-shirt with his sweat, and dissapointed because Tony oppa feels uncomfortable for message that Shi Won write with her blood *kekekekekek this is to much, just because Shi Won wanna be  member of staff H.O.T fans.

Yoon Jae: Today… Yoo Jung asked me out…

Shi Won: I heard.

Yoon Jae: What should I do…?

Shi Won: How do you feel?

Yoon Jae: I don’t know. Should I not date her? …Should I not date her? [Coupon: do anything for me.]

Shi Won: What is your wish…?

Yoon Jae: Tell me not to date her.

The reason I like you?? Because it’s you. Just you. That’s the only reason. I wish I knew. Then I could figure out how to stop liking you. If I can’t avoid it, I only want one thing. To stay as a friend who doesn’t change. For heartache. For love –Kang Joon Hee-

When a  man, reveals to the a woman he loves one sidedly like a pathetic fool, if he confess everything, it means he doesn’t want to see her ever again. –Yoon Yoon Jae-

Shi Won: Answer me, do you still like me??

Yoon Jae: Why you asking?? Do you like me??

Shi Won: Yes I like you. Not as a friend but as a man. How about you??

If you give up now because you feel weak or lazy, there is no hope for next time. If you love her, the best time to lov is now. Approach her before it’s too late. You must confess now. You never know what will happen in the future. Your next chance may never come. –Monolog (don’t know who)-

Liking someone isn’t a choice. It comes from your heart. Sometimes, you don’t notice when someone likes you. No matter how much you struggle there’s no answer. If you like her already, there’s nothing to decide. Don’t regret it. Just do what your heart says. –Kang Joon Hee-

Bumping into each other on the street… Grabbing the same book at the library…Someone running under my umberella.. I thought falling in love would be special. But it was nothing like I imagined… This is how I fell in love. –Yoon Jae- When he saw Shi Won first time take off her glasses and switch with lenss.

That night when Yoon Jae saved Shi Won from a pervert.

Relationships have levels. Mine with Yoon Jae was one of the easiest. A relationship that was easy to explain and easy to maintain. A casual relationship between old friends. But that day, I realized something. Ours could become one of the hardest. The hardest relationship… That between a man and a woman. –Sung Shi Won-

Men and women expect different things, face different sides, and dream different dreams. The relationship between a man and a woman is of ever-lasting love and fighting. They get upset manic depressive disorder. But the hardest part is… It can’t start if the timing is wrong. A relationship that is too complicated and too sensitive. There is one relationship that’s as difficult yet unavoidable. A relationship that’s tedious but inevitable. A relationship that lasts your entire life… That’s family. –Yoon Yoon Jae-

The only advantage of the most complicated relationship on Earth…That between a man and a woman. Is that any situation can be reserved with one word.. –Do Hak Chan when yell Mo Yoo Jung’s name three times at her class-

“Even if you bring a lion into a beautiful meadow, that doesn’t mean he’ll give up meat and start eating carrots. No matter what the surroundings are, a lion is a lion, and a rabbit is a rabbit. Similarly, Sung Si Won is Sung Si Won, and Yoon Yoon Jae is Yoon Yoon Jae. We met, we dated, and we loved.” -Yoon Yoon Jae-

First love. The reason why first love is so beautiful isn’t because first love itself is beautiful. During that time, we had our youth – which wasn’t vicious, me – who was overly innocent, and you – who was uncontrollably passionate. And… because we already knew that we would never be able to go back to our youthful, innocent, and passionate times.” -Yoon Yoon Jae-
“First love is thoughtless. If you don’t calculate and just throw your innocence and passion at it, it’ll end up failing. But that’s why it’s dramatic. The thoughtless stories, mixed with the emotions and warmth that can never be retrieved again. That why first love is my life’s most dramatic story. Therefore, failure is even okay. Instead of a happy ending, a sad ending remains in the memory longer. So it’s okay to leave even just one sad ending of a failed first love in one small portion of my life.”

“First love is a season. When it passes, it’s gone. Now it’s time to greet the new season and give it a chance for a new romance. Even though we’ll never experience the warmth and innocence from a first love, we have to wait for the romance of an adult, after being matured from the pain of first love.”

“When romance ends, life takes over. Innocence gets dirtied, passion dies out, and youth starts getting old. So the innocent period of first love wears out and becomes a past event. That’s why it seems like first love never comes true. No one talks about the success of a first love.”

So it’s okay to be successful as well. Even though there might not be a dramatic story in my life, there’s a bigger familiarity than an old comfortable sweater, and when the familiarity gets old, there’s a heart-fluttering feeling that we can look backat.”
“From my childhood friend with the runny nose, to my first love, to my girlfriend, and now as husband and wife. We passed through the same time period, shared the same memories, and now are getting old together. This familiar heart-fluttering moment…I like it.” -Yoon Yoon Jae-


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