Quotes Secret Garden


I got a Secret Garden fever…HELLLPPP!!….  I really love this drama,  amazed  with a story, like it so much, how they describe when Kim Joo Won falling with Gil Ra Im. So everyone enjoy this quotes!!!…… 😀


Gil Ra Im        : Why you always following me??
Kim Joo Won : Whether i’m with you or not, it seems to be i’m with you. What am i supposed to do??


“The man who was luckly born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his life so easly is not qualified to play around with me” -Gil Ra Im-

Gil Ra Im            : So what happened if i hug you, and you like it?

Kim Joo Won    : I’ll let you live a life totally different from now.

Gil Ra Im        : That’s great , am i going to be a cinderella?

Kim Joo Won : No, the little mermaid.


“There are only two types girls, the type that you marry and the type you play around with and then break up. But, you’re somewhere between the both” –jerk Kim Joo Won-

“Gil Ra Im will always stuck between the two worlds. After you stay like invisible person, then just disappear from me like a bubble” –jerk Kim Joo Won-

“I’ll be your little mermaid, I’ll be next to you and then I’ll be disappear like a bubble “ –jerk Kim Joo Won-

“The little mermaid was looking at the prince with sad eyes and threw herself into the sea. At the end, the little mermaid turned into bubble and disappeared” –Little Mermaid Tales on Secret Garden-

Joo Won        : What is troubling you so much in your dream??

Ra Im              : Because you’re in my dream.

Joo Won        : Are you not happy with me even in your dream??

Ra Im              : even so, for tomorrow and the next day

-Secret Garden episode 12-

“It’s not because I love you, but because I only love you. If I don’t have you, then I won’t have any other choices. Your amazing woman. No flowers, candles, red wine… Not even a ring!!.. Are you willing to be my wife?? –Kim Joo Won-

“Love is similar to taking care of a garden, hoping that in your garden a beautiful flower will bloom, blowing a cool breeze, shining the bright sunlight and also has occasionally gets down the black magic of the rain” -Gil Ra Im-


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  1. Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. All the best fkdffdfeedee

  2. Ok so in the top picture. Where Joo Won is reading the booking and thinking about Ra Im. What is the book he has in his hands? It looks like there is a picture of a man in a suit with the head of a rabbit. It just looks interesting and I was wondering what it is. Thanks!

  3. I love this show so much as well! I just watched it about 2 weeks ago and I still feel lost and empty because it ended 😦 I thought I was the only lunatic like that lol glad to see I’m not alone!

  4. Aku paling suka quote dari ending cerita Little Mermaid yang ditulis Joo-won

    “The Little Mermaid was about to disappear, and at that moment, the prince realized the truth and said to the princess, ‘Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?’ and broke off the engagement. He ran to the Little Mermaid, but she’d noticed the water bubbles and developed an air-bubble washing machine and became a chaebol. Meanwhile, the prince went broke with a bad investment and became the Little Mermaid’s Secretary Kim, and they lived a long, long, really looooong time.”

    Haha,it’s hilarious

  5. OMG im also obsessed!!
    its like dont have a life anymore because Secret Garden ended -_-‘
    Im really sad because it ended -_-
    and Cried so many times because it was so sad the drama!! =(

    • Hahahaa…. not only me crazies with secret garden, this drama make me want to be Gil Ra Im *ok, that”s crazy too. but, who cares 😀

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